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standart chattage

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t'en veux du chattage ? fait un flash :lol:

Button spahour ($18.95)

SB Luckycoin ($3.10)

BB GusFenimore ($25.83)

UTG Hero ($15)

UTG+1 bile20 ($39.25)

CO s0undclash ($3.15)

Preflop: Hero is UTG with 9heart.gif Qclub.gif Qheart.gif Jheart.gif

Hero raises to 0.70, 4 folds, GusFenimore raises to 2.20, Hero raises to 6.70, GusFenimore raises to 20, Hero moves all-in for 8.30.

Flop (35.10) 3diamond.gif Jclub.gif Aheart.gif

Turn (35.10) Kheart.gif

River (35.10) Theart.gif

Hero shows 9heart.gif Qclub.gif Qheart.gif Jheart.gif

GusFenimore shows 6club.gif 3spade.gif 4heart.gif Kdiamond.gif

Hero wins 35.10 with a Royal Straight flush (Hearts) with Ace high

sinon la HH c'est dans History > pseudo

va voir la ensuite :


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moi aussi j'en veux des comme ça

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