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WPT Doyle Brunson

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Bravo à David Benyamine pour sa 23ème place et pour sa formidable année :)

DB à Deauville, ce serait l'occasion de venir gagner un tournoi en France...

Rémy, si tu peux lui suggérer l'idée... ;)

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Chip Count de la TF:

Seat 1: Chino Rheem -- 4,240,000

Seat 2: Amnon Filippi -- 2,750,000

Seat 3: Hoyt Corkins -- 2,295,000

Seat 4: Steve Sung -- 5,885,000

Seat 5: Justin Young -- 2,410,000

Seat 6: Evan McNiff -- 4,805,000

4 Pros, 2 joueurs online.

Ca s'annonce pas mal du tout!

Une petite pièce sur Chino

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Hand #59 - Steve Sung has the button in seat 4, and the blinds are at 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante).

Amnon Filippi moves all in from the cutoff for 975,000, Steve Sung calls, and Justin Young moves all in over the top. Sung immediately calls all in for 3,595,000, and the crowd leaps to their feet.

McNiff shows AA, Sung shows KK, and Filippi shows 99. McNiff has both players covered, and Filippi is the short stack.

The board comes 744, and McNiff retains the lead. The turn card is the 3, and McNiff has to avoid four cards in the deck to bust two players. Filippi needs a nine, and Sung needs a king.

The river card is the J, and Evan McNiff wins the pot with his pocket aces.

Amnon Filippi, as the short stack, is eliminated in fifth place, earning $288,235. Steve Sung is eliminated in fourth place, earning $396,206.

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@tinken : s'il te plaît évite de faire des copier-coller venus des sites de coverage sinon le CP va se faire taper sur les doigts.

Je sais que ça part d'une bonne intention mais faites gaffe :)

btw, vgg chino.

Edited by kev50

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