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Rayons X

WCOOP 33 : $5200 Main Event

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elky double

*** HOLE CARDS ***

pokerhahntas: folds

ElkY: raises 34876 to 59876

JBlaze20 said, "gl with them"

klslcz: raises 140124 to 200000

JBlaze20: folds

kovi99: folds

liberace: folds

Michnak: folds

lucky_aces08: folds

ElkY: raises 217389 to 417389 and is all-in

klslcz: calls 217389

*** FLOP *** [:7c:6h:4h]

*** TURN *** [:7c:6h:4h] [:5h]

*** RIVER *** [:7c:6h:4h:5h] [:Th]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

ElkY: shows [:Ah:Qc] (a flush, Ace high)

klslcz: shows [:Jh:Jd] (a flush, Jack high)

ElkY collected 892278 from pot

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