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$1500 Limit Hilo

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a la fin de la 1ere journee il reste plus que 22 joueurs et pascal perrault est tjs la:

John Lukas ($142,000), Pascal Perrault ($107,000), Bahram Kianfar ($83,000), Darrell Dicken ($80,000), Jim Meehan ($65,000), Pat Poels ($63,000), Barney Boatman ($55,000), Toto Leonidas ($53,000), Dan Heimiller ($51,000), Juan Carlos Mortenson ($46,000), Minh Nguyen ($45,000), Jeff Duvall ($45,000), Boris Shats ($38,000), Lonnie Heimowitz ($33,000), Xiaewei Zuo ($26,000), Robert Chappie ($22,000), Jason Brown ($19,000), Jerry McCoy ($18,000), Yueqi Zhu ($18,000), Alan J Bernstein ($17,000), John Sadauskas ($15,000), Shae Probusherich ($9,000).

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