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[NL50] Kill the donk arg!

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EverestPoker Game #1485540105: Table Doha-0 - $0.25/$0.50 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:00:53 - 2007/05/05

Seat 1: cfl56460 ($26.00)

Seat 2: Zand24 ($39.85)

Seat 3: Vincent84 ($104.15)

Seat 4: Hero ($47.70)

Seat 5: gege4500 ($30.95)

Seat 6: Lisamari ($51.05)

gege4500 posts the small blind of $0.25

Lisamari posts the big blind of $0.50

The button is in seat #4

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to Hero [:3c:3d]

cfl56460 calls $0.50

Zand24 raises to $2.25

Vincent84 calls $2.25

Hero calls $2.25

gege4500 folds

Lisamari folds

cfl56460 calls $1.75

*** FLOP *** [:Td:4d:3s]

cfl56460 checks

Zand24 bets $7.00

Vincent84 calls $7.00

Hero raises to $20.00

cfl56460 folds

Zand24 folds

Vincent84 raises to $76.75

Hero calls $25.45 and is all-in

Uncalled bet of $31.30 returned to Vincent84

*** SHOW DOWN ***

Vincent84 shows [:Ah:Ts]

Hero shows [:3c:3d]

*** TURN *** [:Td:4d:3s] [:Tc]

*** RIVER *** [:Td:4d:3s:Tc] [:Ad]

*** SUMMARY ***

Vincent84 collects $104.65

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