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[WTS] B&G Europa Casinos Lithuania

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Needing some money for my upcoming wedding, the following fine chips are for sale.

Hoping to sell them all at once or at least in sets that make sense.

Sorry, I don't speak French. I can use Google translator however.

Désolé, je ne parle pas français. Je peux cependant utiliser le traducteur Google.





Description of the chips:

Europa Casinos Lithuania is a shutdown casino and these are real casino chips.

Quality injection molded chips by B&G (Bourgogne & Grasset). These are by far the best quality plastic chips.

These types of casino chips are very common in France, Germany and many other European countries.

The chips are heavier than standard (Paulson) casino chips, in the range of 14g each. The exceptions are the plain 1 Lita chips, which weigh in at only 7g, and the oversized 500 Lita chip, at nearly 16g.



They are either NEW and UNUSED or were very rarely used. I did not put them into play since I bought them back in 2019/2020 directly from a Lithuanian chipper.

Plastic racks (B&G and Matsui racks) are included.




SET #1  -  1338 chips  -  740€

  • 200 x  1
  • 400 x  5 (secondary)
  • 600 x  25 (secondary)
  • 138 x  100 (secondary black/purple)

shipping to FRANCE: 32€ (+ possible customs)

19,34kg + weight of package






SET #2  -  900 chips  -  525€

  • 100 x  1
  • 300 x  5 (primary)
  • 400 x  25 (secondary)
  • 100 x  100 (primary black/white)

shipping to FRANCE: 32€ (+ possible customs)

13,24kg + weight of package





TOTAL (BOTH SETS):    2238 chips

PRICE:      1250€  (around 56ct per chip)        

  • BONUS: around 40x Lt 5 (bonus chips - cheap ceramics)  <---bonus chips, I can leave them out if wanted by the buyer



Shipping and payment:

Shipping almost anywhere in the world, costs should be taken by the buyer. I ship from Germany.

Payment required in EURO. Please make sure that I don't have to pay any fees. PPFF.




Thanks for viewing my ad,


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Hello and welcome!


Since it's your first post here, may I ask a picture of the chips including your nickname + today's date please?

Don't want to be rude, but there have been some unfortunate episodes lately. Just for everyone's safety ;)


Nice chips for sure.


Good luck with sale and congrats for the wedding!




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