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[WTS] President Casino New Yorker - T2000 set - PNY

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I never thought that this day will ever come, but I'd like to sell these if there is a potential buyer for this set. 

The breakdown should be proper for most tournament 1 table games with up to 10 players. Starting stacks: T2000 10/14/6/2 (10 full starting stacks possible).




Next to that 40 x 100's for color up all 5's and 25's are included plus 40 x 500's for 10 rebuys! 

Total breakdown: 100 x $5, 140 x $25, 100 x $100 and 60 x $500

Please pm when interested and shoot me an offer. 







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Posted (edited)

Le prix?

1.5 $/ chip (pny25$)

1.5-2$/ chip (pny5$)

3-4$ / chip (pny100$)

Les pny 500$? Je les vends 10$/chip sur pcf.

Donc une offre raisonnable serait:

210+150+300+600 (offre "basse")

1300$ ?

(Je les aurais acheté si j'avais pas tout claquer. Je dois vendre qq trucs avant!)


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Hi Oggy,

Your 500‘s don’t sell for 10€ per chip here, but mine are different and I’d try to sell them within this set with (to me) a perfect breakdown. To be honest I paid 15$ per chip and to me they are worth it. Next to that I don’t think you rated the 5‘s properly. 
I don’t think there are many sets like this in the EU available. If there is an interest for this set I am open to offers. 
If the Corona crises effects the market negatively I am happy to keep them.


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The only good price is the one will pay the buyer!

No chip are too expensive!

The buyer make the price! The one who complains about prices are just making "blablaland"

Glws! If you sell the 500 for 15$or more... Im happy for you! This chips are unique and crazy, they deserve a Nice Buyer and owner! 



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