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[WTS] Singles & barrels - HS 25k, AS 25k, MGM Grand $3 + $5, MGM Foxwoods $10

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up for sale are some lot's of singles and barrels. I have some experience with international shipping and Corona shouldn't be an issue anymore (some delay). Next to that I can combine shipping if you like.

Lot 1: MGM collector's chips


MGM Baccarat - all 7 x $8 chips of the 1st & 2nd row: $89,99

MGM Baccarat - all 7 x $8 chips of the 1st & 2nd row: $89,99

row from left to right price per chip: in $ 9,99 / 9,99 / 7,99 / 6,99

row from left to right price per chip: in $ 19,99 / 7,99 / 7,49 / 5,99

row from left to right price per chip: in $ 7,99 / 14,99 / 19,99

For condition please check:

Lot 2: Horseshoe Cleveland 25k secondary single - SOLD

Lot 3: MGM Grand $5 - 79 x chips


  • Small lion inlay version in vgc labeled to large lion head version (labels are easy to remove if needed; the original label is still under the label!!!) - 49 chips for $6,99 each
  • Large lion head (old) version and pretty good condition & hard to come by - one chip has a yellowish label on one side - 30 chips for $7,49 each
  • Take all 80 chips from the pictures for $560 (including one collector's chip)
  • Left two barrels plus some from the third show the small to large labeled version. Right to barrels show the large lion head version including some others.
  • I have a lot of gear labels to relabel at least 80 further $5 chips from small to large lion head inlay - if you are interested you can get them for less depending on your total purchases.

Attached you find the summary/further explanations of the different versions:

  • 1st row "current/actual" small lion inlay (which I relabeled to 2nd row chips and the original label is still under my custom label) - I had 3 chips to show the difference and I relabeled them to the version of row 2.
  • 2nd row "labeled" small inlays to large inlays chips
  • 3rd row "old" large lion inlay to show how the look like next to the labeled chip or the current standard house chip (row1).


Lot 4: MGM at Foxwoods 20 x $10 chips WPT edition

I am looking for:

  • MGM FW $5 chips (lion version) in vgc
  • $1 chips (lion version) in vgc
  • or cash


Lot 5: Aurora Star 25k chips 9 Chips SOLD


  • prefer to trade my 19 chips for 19 x 5k chips (1:1)
  • if I can't trade them I'll sell max. 9 for $5 each

PS: I have some other sales/trade threads which include some of these chips as well. Priority goes to who's first (for singles, barrels or a set). Please check:

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Le 30.8.2020 à 00:05, gandalf a écrit :

Are you ok to sell baccara chips as singles ?

Already have 3 for sure and need to check the others

Puh, I'd prefer to sell them in one lot, but it will depend on which you are looking for and your offer. Please send me a message for details. Thanks!!

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