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[WTS] BG Cash Set Relabel Job Lot

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For sale chips made by Bourgogne et Grasset. These are casino used, especially the blue chips are pretty beat up. Could be refurbished and relabeled into a very nice cash set for someone willing to put in the work. If you'd relabel the values one step down from the current ones, the colors become pretty standard as well. Set consists of:

200x yellow (no metal slug)
200x blue
400x red
100x green
100x black (43mm)

Racks are not included.

Apologies for the poor lighting photos...





The edges of the yellow chips look fine, they are a harder plastic and not too heavy. The JAV chips (everything other than yellow) on the other hand are heavier with a metal slug and made of softer plastic, which has led to the edges getting torn up. Blue chips are the worst in this regard, followed by red, green and finally black. I figured out how to refurbish them and can give the buyer detailed instructions. There is also some discoloration, which is most apparent on the black chips' yellow spots. This kind of thing seems to happen to casino used BG chips and unfortunately I don't think the discolorations can be fixed.

Pics of minty chips (top and left), beat up (middle), and refurbished ones (bottom and right). As you can see, they clean up very nicely. The refurbished chips feel even better than minty ones, perfectly buttery smooth. I will include a bunch of extras, so the buyer has some chips to practice on.




Asking €780 (includes shipping from Finland to France) via PayPal FF or bank transfer.


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It's pretty straightforward, really. A bit of very light sanding, polishing and rejuvenating the colors (only works on the dry look, not discolored areas). The softness of BG JAV chips created an unexpected issue with the polishing, but an easy fix was found via trial and error. This project has been sitting a while, those refurbished chips have stayed that way for the last 2-3 years, so the change can be called permanent (no mineral oil used). I will probably make a full how-to guide for everyone at some point, then you are going to :x me...


But for now, let's get these babies sold, eh? ;)

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