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World Series Of Poker 2017 : Table Finale !!!!!! Page 151...

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il y a 2 minutes, Nicopablo2110 a écrit :

Je n ai pas ça sur mon iPad 😞😞

Faut faire Pomme Flash, ensuite paramètre, Session securisée, autoriser flash player ainsi que le module DTC et taper sur ok.

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Joue avec ton ami Papy ;) il auront pu prendre plus au flop !!

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Sick call tho


Hand #43: Sinclair raised to 700,000 for the second hand in a row and Scott Stewart called from the big blind. The flop of  as9s3d  saw Stewart check to Sinclair, who bet 650,000. Stewart called and the 8h  hit the turn. Another check came from Stewart, and another bet came from Sinclair, 1.3 million this time. Stewart called again and the river brought the Td . Stewart checked a third time and Sinclair bet enough to put Stewart all in. Stewart had 2.95 million left and he went into the tank. Stewart thought for over three minutes before he called.

Sinclair rolled over 6d5h  for six high, and Stewart tabled ad4h  to earn the double-up to nearly 12 million in chips.


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