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Tellement GROOOS Dimanche qu'on commence en avance!

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30eme need for speed

15eme big 50 6 max

bulle du nos

je passe le reste j'ai l'impression que je peut rien value

et pi tient a l'instant bulle du main event winamax

pi peut etre même que je vais bulle le high roller ps

encore bien cool comme dimanche

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me fais own de partout : /

Winamax Poker - Tournament "LE NOCTAMBULE" buyIn: 9€ + 1€ level: 1 - HandId: #126531626325770252-13-1347839043 - Holdem no limit (75/150) - 2012/09/16 23:44:03 UTC

Table: 'LE NOCTAMBULE(29460440)#011' 9-max (real money) Seat #4 is the button

Seat 1: olymc (41800)

Seat 2: HeroOChao (19125)

Seat 4: requiem45 (20225)

Seat 5: k_leon (19300)

Seat 6: dekurcelik (54775)

Seat 7: tonio333 (25275)

Seat 8: twopacdubled (19500)

Seat 9: james72 (20000)


k_leon posts small blind 75

dekurcelik posts big blind 150

Dealt to tonio333

:As: :Ad:


tonio333 raises 250 to 400

twopacdubled calls 400

james72 folds

olymc folds

HeroOChao folds

requiem45 raises 1200 to 1600

k_leon folds

dekurcelik folds

tonio333 raises 2800 to 4400

twopacdubled folds

requiem45 calls 2800


:4c: :3c: :2d:

tonio333 bets 5500

requiem45 raises 10325 to 15825 and is all-in

tonio333 calls 10325


:4c: :3c: :2d: :6d:


:4c: :3c: :2d: :6d: :2s:


tonio333 shows

[AS] [AD] (Two pairs : Aces and 2)

requiem45 shows

:6h: :2h: (Full of 2 and 6)

requiem45 collected 41075 from pot


Total pot 41075 | No rake


[4C] [3C] [2D] [6D] [2S]

Seat 1: olymc folded on the pre-flop

Seat 2: HeroOChao folded on the pre-flop

Seat 4: requiem45 (button) showed

[6H] [2H] and won 41075 with Full of 2 and 6

Seat 5: k_leon (small blind) folded on the pre-flop

Seat 6: dekurcelik (big blind) folded on the pre-flop

Seat 7: tonio333 showed

[AS] [AD] and lost with Two pairs : Aces and 2

Seat 8: twopacdubled folded on the pre-flop

Seat 9: james72 folded on the pre-flop

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