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The "Me gusta" Thread

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rofl le limp au btn avec 5 blindes et les as obv ^^

edit : et la sortie ignoble avec QQ vs K8 sur un flop xxQ :8]

Edited by Fake

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PokerStars Game #65398622494: Tournament #2111010005, €91+€9 EUR Hold'em No Limit - Level XLII (80000/160000) - 2011/08/02 1:18:58 CET [2011/08/01 19:18:58 ET]

Table '2111010005 128' 9-max Seat #9 is the button

Seat 2: anda9469 (15625100 in chips)

Seat 6: francesc8300 (3765132 in chips)

Seat 9: NEBUE (729768 in chips)

anda9469: posts the ante 20000

francesc8300: posts the ante 20000

NEBUE: posts the ante 20000

anda9469: posts small blind 80000

francesc8300: posts big blind 160000

*** HOLE CARDS ***

NEBUE: calls 160000

anda9469: calls 80000

francesc8300: checks

*** FLOP *** [:4d:Td:Js]

anda9469: checks

francesc8300: checks

NEBUE: bets 549768 and is all-in

anda9469: folds

francesc8300: calls 549768

*** TURN *** [:4d:Td:Js] [:3d]

*** RIVER *** [:4d:Td:Js:3d] [:2d]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

francesc8300: shows [:Jd:7h] (a flush, Jack high)

NEBUE: shows [:Ad:Ac] (a flush, Ace high)

NEBUE collected 1639536 from pot

ça c'est un coup de Zootard. :>

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