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Assez inutile, mais ça fait toujours plaisir en cette période de solde de se faire livrer à domicile un peu d'argent pour se faire plaisir.

Useless mais rigolo.

vuong1 [ :Ks:9h ]

depanneur_x calls 4€, vuong1 raises to 16€, depanneur_x calls 16€.

FLOP [board cards: :Kd:Kc:9s ]

vuong1 bets 24€, depanneur_x raises to 2,027.50€ and is all-in, vuong1 calls 417.95€ and is all-in.

TURN [board cards: :Kd:Kc:9s:Qh ]

RIVER [board cards: :Kd:Kc:9s:Qh:4s ]


depanneur_x shows [ :7d:6s ]

vuong1 shows [ :Ks:9h ]

vuong1 wins 865.90€.

Seat 3: vuong1 (669.90€ in chips)

Seat 5: TOAC3178005 (204.05€ in chips)

Seat 8: depanneur_x (1,806.55€ in chips)


TOAC3178005 posts small blind (2€), depanneur_x posts big blind (4€),

vuong1 [ :5s:Qs ]


vuong1 raises to 12€, TOAC3178005 calls 12€, depanneur_x calls 12€.

FLOP [board cards::8s:7h:2c ]

TOAC3178005 checks, depanneur_x checks, vuong1 checks.

TURN [board cards: :8s:7h:2c:9s ]

TOAC3178005 checks, depanneur_x checks, vuong1 checks.

RIVER [board cards: :8s:7h:2c:9s:Ts ]

TOAC3178005 bets 16€, depanneur_x raises to 32€, vuong1 raises to 657.90€ and is all-in, TOAC3178005 folds, depanneur_x calls 657.90€.


vuong1 shows [ :5s:Qs ]

depanneur_x mucks cards [ :8h:Ah ]

vuong1 wins 1,364.80€.

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