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Le WTF !?! Oo thread

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Oh t'es dur j'ai justement été impressionné par le sang froid dont il a fait preuve pour 1/ ouvrir la porte pour que tout le monde puisse se barrer si ça prend feu 2/ check si ses passagers vont bien 3/ prendre son portable pour appeler les secours.

il oublie pas  la banane en cuir avec la caisse du jour non plus  :hairy:

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Un bon vieux playback quand même, à 2m59 le guitariste joue sans toucher sa guitare (il est occupé avec sa chaussure) :P

Mais ROFL, deja, comment tu as tenu jusqu'a 2'59? et du coup j'ai zappé a 2'59, le mec est pendu par son pied et il doit souffrir :)

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nan c'est scotty nguyen..

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Le dernière phrase est priceless :



Welcome to HTS - Human Taxidermy Services. We are an animal taxidermy service, gone human! We apply our state of the art services towards the preservation of humans. It's our goal to preserve your loved ones for years to come.

My name is Dr. Martin Foster. I have been in the taxidermy service for over 20 years. I have an extensive amount of research and testing in the field of taxidermy. It's with my pleasure that I can now offer this brilliant service to mankind. void where prohibited by law


While we offer this wonderful new service, please remember...we still do pets!

Pictured to the left is founder of HTS, Dr. Martin Foster. Not only is he the founder, he is a client! Sadly, during the final stages of his human taxidermy development process (HTDP) research, Dr. Foster was involved in a fatal car accident. Pictured with Dr. Foster is his former cat, Sparkle

PS : checkez bien la section des poses ! :lol:

Edited by the brain ?!?

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