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NAPT - Venetian

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je suis passé au Venetian aujourd'hui pour voir comment se deroulait le tournoi du NAPT... Le temps de voir Scotty Nguyen se faire sortir en collant un tapis avec 22 (son adversaire avait 88), de prendre quelques photos de Vanessa Rousso qui marchait sur sa table et d'apprecier le style de Negreanu (out un peu plus tard). Voici quelques infos sur le tournoi.

Il reste 4 frenchies à l'issue du day 2. Andy Lichtenberger est CL avec 618k. 150 joueurs encore en course

Ils sont dans le top 30

Men Nguyen : 378k

Fabrice Soulier : 321k

Vanessa Rousso : 310k

Bruno Martin : 287k

35e - ludovic Schlama : 248k

37e - Greg Raymer : 242k

96e Klaus Petraus (France) : 110k

132e Tom McEvoy : 62k

Les frenchies tombés au day 2

Anthony Duthuille, Paul Testud, Delphine Leclainche, Jacques Zaicik, Sebastien Doray

Tetes d'affiche out au day 2

MoneyMaker, Negreanu, Joe Cada, Josh Arieh, Mizzi, Timoshenko, Jason Mercier, Sebastien Doray, Paul Wasicka, Dennis Phillips

Le programme en direct sur le net : le tournoi + un tournoi shootout


Tuesday Feb 23 (TV & WEBCAST)

* Day 4 Main Event

* 11:00 ET: Round 1A + 1B of ShootOut (2 Tables) **two separate tables one after another of 8 players down to a winner on each.

Wednesday Feb 24 (TV & WEBCAST)

* 14:00 ET: Main Event Final Table

Thursday Feb 25 (TV & WEBCAST)

* 14:00 ET: Bounty Shootout Final Table

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There were a total of 872 players for the Main Event. The total prize pool is $4,017,740; 128 places will get paid; first prize is $827,648. The cap was 890 players (89 tables).

Position Prize

1 $827,648

2 $522,306

3 $309,366

4 $241,064

5 $184,816

6 $144,639

7 $104,461

8 $60,266

9 $44,195

10 $44,195

11 $34,151

12 $34,151

13 $28,526

14 $28,526

15 $23,303

16 $23,303

17 $20,089

18 $20,089

19 $20,089

20 $20,089

21 $20,089

22 $20,089

23 $20,089

24 $20,089

25 $18,080

26 $18,080

27 $18,080

28 $18,080

29 $18,080

30 $18,080

31 $18,080

32 $18,080

33 $16,071

34 $16,071

35 $16,071

36 $16,071

37 $16,071

38 $16,071

39 $16,071

40 $16,071

41 $14,866

42 $14,866

43 $14,866

44 $14,866

45 $14,866

46 $14,866

47 $14,866

48 $14,866

49 $13,660

50 $13,660

51 $13,660

52 $13,660

53 $13,660

54 $13,660

55 $13,660

56 $13,660

57 $12,857

58 $12,857

59 $12,857

60 $12,857

61 $12,857

62 $12,857

63 $12,857

64 $12,857

65 $12,053

66 $12,053

67 $12,053

68 $12,053

69 $12,053

70 $12,053

71 $12,053

72 $12,053

73 $11,250

74 $11,250

75 $11,250

76 $11,250

77 $11,250

78 $11,250

79 $11,250

80 $11,250

81 $10,446

82 $10,446

83 $10,446

84 $10,446

85 $10,446

86 $10,446

87 $10,446

88 $10,446

89 $9,643

90 $9,643

91 $9,643

92 $9,643

93 $9,643

94 $9,643

95 $9,643

96 $9,643

97 $8,839

98 $8,839

99 $8,839

100 $8,839

101 $8,839

102 $8,839

103 $8,839

104 $8,839

105 $8,035

106 $8,035

107 $8,035

108 $8,035

109 $8,035

110 $8,035

111 $8,035

112 $8,035

113 $7,232

114 $7,232

115 $7,232

116 $7,232

117 $7,232

118 $7,232

119 $7,232

120 $7,232

121 $7,232

122 $7,232

123 $7,232

124 $7,232

125 $7,232

126 $7,232

127 $7,232

128 $7,232

Source napt.com


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End of Day 3 Chip Count - Main Event NAPT

25 left

CL : Eric Blair 3700000

Klaus Pautrot out

lien vers le chipcount officiel transmis par PS avec le draw pour le day 4

Day 3 Chip Count - fin du level 20 du Main Event NAPT - 36 left

CL : Eric Blair - 2250000

11e Vanessa Rousso 946000 (OUT 28e)

22eJohn Cernuto 448000

33E kLAUS Pautrot (france) 198000 (OUT 31e ou 32e selon pokernewsUS [classement suspect, ils n'ont plus que 24 joueurs])

Ils ont fini ITM (dans le top 90)

Bruno Martin (out 48e ou 49e selon pokernews)

Ludovic Schlama (55e selon pokernews)

Fabrice Soulier (54e selon son FB pour 13k doll)

Edited by mama913

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A priori ils ne diffusent pas le main event mais le high roller Shootout en 7-handed


ou lien vlc : http://stream-eng.pokerstars.tv/pxpkrlive-live/pokerstarslive_eng_500k

évidemment ils ont choisi de diffuser la table 7, la table intéressante a mon gout ...

liste des tables :

Table 1

1. Joe Sebok

2. Phil Laak

3. Justin Bonomo

4. David Williams

5. Joe Cassidy

6. Yevgeniy Timoshenko

7. Tommy Vedes

Table 2

1. (Satellite winner)

2. Dario Minieri

3. Tony G.

4. Alec Torelli

5. Isaac Haxton

6. Daniel Alaei

7. Peter Eastgate

Table 3

1. Chris Moneymaker

2. Keith Gibson

3. Joe Cada

4. Jason Mercier

5. Hasan Habib

6. Matt Glantz

7. Ashton Griffin

Table 4

1. Andrew Robl

2. Lee Markholt

3. John Hennigan

4. Phil Galfond

5. Alex Kamberis

6. Brett Richey

7. Daniel Negreanu

Table 5

1. J.C Tran

2. Joe Hachem

3. Annie Duke

4. Jennifer Tilly

5. Vanessa Rousso

6. Di Dang

7. Faraz Jaka

Table 6

1. Scott Sevier

2. Brian Rast

3. Chau Giang

4. ElkY

5. Antonio Esfandiari

6. Sorel Mizzi

7. Barry Greenstein

Table 7

1. Phil Hellmuth

2. Adam Richardson

3. Hoyt Corkins

4. Greg Raymer

5. John Duthie

6. Hevad Khan

7. Steve Paul-Ambrose

source : blog pokerstars

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Le doc de presentation de la TF

Seat 1: Daniel Clemente - 1,345,000

Seat 2: Sam Stein - 6,145,000

Seat 3: Thomas Fuller - 4,735,000

Seat 4: John Cernuto - 1,310,000

Seat 5: Yunus Jamal - 3,940,000

Seat 6: David Paredes - 4,700,000

Seat 7: Tom Marchese - 2,370,000

Seat 8: Eric Blair - 1,690,000

Seat 1 : Dan Clemente, 37, Hernando near Tunica, Mississippi

Dan Clemente first started playing poker while he was in the Marine Corps, stationed in southern California. After leaving the Marines, he started working in the restaurant business as a general manager but turned to poker full time around eight years ago. He plays a little bit online but prefers the live game – both cash and tournaments. His biggest result before the NAPT Venetian final was winning $64,000 at a tournament in Biloxi last year. He bought in to this event after cashing in a tournament in LA last week. “I’m excited about being in the final”, he said. "I’m one of the shorter stacks though so I’m going to have to double up fairly early to have a chance of winning.”

Seat 2: Sam Stein, 22, Henderson, Nevada

Sam Stein is a confident 22-year-old professional poker player, who came up through the online ranks and began trying his luck in the brick and mortar world as soon as he turned 21. Since then, he’s managed to collect more than $400,000 in career tournament earnings; not bad for a single year on the circuit. Stein’s most recent live cash occurred last month down at the PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure, where he finished runner-up in a $5,000 buy-in no limit hold’em side event, good for a $168,390 payday. Stein grew up in Los Angeles, but currently resides in Henderson, Nevada – just outside Las Vegas. He’s been playing poker for four years and enters most major events with buy-ins of $5,000 or higher. The youngster is excited about the opportunity to add yet another big score to his tournament resume, and he has good reason to be; when play starts tomorrow afternoon, no one will begin with more chips than Stein’s field-leading 6,145,000 in chips.

Seat 3: Thomas Fuller, 27, Boulder, Colorado

Former psychology student Thomas Fuller has been a poker pro for over five years but it was October 2007 when he came to international attention, coming fourth at the European Poker Tour event in Baden for €160.000. After venturing into sports betting, Fuller is now back on poker full-time. He is also currently writing a book themed around poker and dating. He reckons the two subjects have a lot In common ... “They’re both about trying to get lucky, catch the big hand, hope things finally work out”, he said. The book will also take in Fuller’s experiences this year and 2010 has already gotten off to a good start. In addition to the NAPT Venetian final, Fuller came second in a Borgata heads-up tourney in January, as well as third place in an online HU event.

Seat 4: ‘Miami’ John Cernuto, 66, Las Vegas, Nevada

At 66 years old, ‘Miami’ John Cernuto is far and away the elder statesman of the NAPT Venetian Main Event final table. A 30-year veteran of the game, Cernuto started taking poker seriously back in 1981. He’d been working as an air traffic controller until the infamous union strike of 1981, in which then President Ronald Reagan fired 11,000 of Cernuto’s colleagues, as well as Cernuto himself. The result of the strike necessitated a career change, so Cernuto turned to poker for his livelihood. $4.7 million worth of tournament cashes later, suffice it to say Cernuto made a wise decision. One of the game’s most respected old schoolers, ‘Miami’ John has three World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets to his name, in addition to an impressive 47 WSOP cashes. In addition to his World Series success, Cernuto has twice cashed on the European Poker Tour (EPT); first at the 2009 PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure (46th - $30,000 USD) and then last April at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo (31st - $59,000 USD).

This father of two calls Las Vegas home and is undoubtedly the best known player at the final table. Cernuto will unbag 1,310,000 in chips at the final table.

Seat 5: Yunas Jamal, 30, Henderson, Nevada

Software engineer Jamal grew up in Berlin, Germany, and – now that he’s done so well at NAPT Venetian – can’t resist heading back there next week to take part in the EPT Berlin. The 30-year-old immigrated to the States with his parents when he was 19 but regularly visits Berlin for holidays. He has been playing poker for five years and has had reasonable success in live tournaments. He chopped a 600-player $500 tournament at the Venetian last summer winning $23,006 and came third in a Caesar’s Palace tourney won by Barry Shulman in 2008. Already guaranteed a minimum payday of over $60,000, making the NAPT Venetian final is his best result to date.

Seat 6: David Paredes, 30, New York, NY

Paredes has been playing poker since high school but only recently started playing full time. He originally studied law and – in true Rounders fashion – paid for his whole law school education through poker. After graduating from Harvard and NYU, he started working for a hedge fund company in New York. Around six months ago however, Paredes’ life changed completely when his girlfriend Caitlin – a doctor – landed a job in Boston. Paredes gave up his job, moved in with Caitlin in Boston and now makes a living playing cash games online and live. Paredes rarely plays tournaments but successfully won a seat to next week’s European Poker Tour event in Berlin because his friend Zac Allemedine, winner of the NAPT Venetian charity event, had already qualified.

Seat 7: Tom “Kingsofcards” Marchese, 22, Parsipity, New Jersey

Tom Marchese is a name you might not yet be familiar with yet, but if you follow the tournament circuit, you soon will be. Primarily an online cash game grinder, Marchese spent the past couple of years fine tuning his skills under the screenname “kingsofcards,” emptying many opponents’ bankrolls in the process. He started playing professionally around the age of 20 while still in college, and so far the decision has proven to be a wise one. Marchese has already earned well over $350,000 in online multi-table tournaments, though it wasn’t until late last month that he nabbed his first career live result at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Marchese took 3rd in the $3,300 buy-in no limit hold’em event championship event at the Borgata Winter Open, jumpstarting his live tournament career. “I have the same feeling now as I did back then (during the Borgata tournament). Let’s just hope the run-good continues,” Marchese said late on Day 3. Already guaranteed a minimum payout of over $60,000 USD, it looks as though Marchese’s got this live poker thing figured out. He’ll begin the final table with 2,370,000 in chips.

Seat 8: Eric “ericb09” Blair – West Hartford, Connecticut

Online whiz kid Eric Blair is force to be reckoned with. The 24-year-old has been playing poker for about four years and has already racked up almost $2 million in online multi-table results. Known as “ericb09” on PokerStars, the youngster has only just begun terrorizing live tournaments, with his biggest cash coming last September at the Borgata Poker Open in Atlantic City, where he finished eighth in the $3,300 championship event, collecting $87,345 in prize money.

When asked his primary profession, Blair replied, “This is it.” He bought into the NAPT Venetian Main Event directly and looks to turn that investment into a whole lot more with a win on Wednesday afternoon. He considers this a talented final table and is especially wary of Tom “kingsofcards” Marchese.

Blair travels the American tournament circuit and considers himself your “standard, everyday guy.”

Tournoi de charité

vendredi, célébrités et joueurs de poker professionnels se sont réunis au Venetian pour un tournoi de charité en faveur de la banque alimentaire Three Square.

Tony Hawk, les acteurs Christian Slater, Brad Garrett, Montel Williams et Jason Alexander, Joanna Krupa ou Slash des Guns’n Roses faisaient partie des 39 joueurs ayant participé à ce tournoi à 540 dollars. 42 000 dollars ont été récoltés dans la soirée pour venir en aide à ceux qui ont faim dans le Sud du Nevada.

Le new-yorkais Zak “Zakooza” Alameddine remporte le tournoi et gagne son ticket pour le PokerStars Caribbean Adventure qui se tiendra aux Bahamas l’an prochain.

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le communique final de PS USA pour ceux qui ont le courage de lire de l'anglais...



Before last month, online poker phenom Tom ‘kingsofcards’ Marchese had never even cashed in a major live poker tournament. Today he’s $827,648 richer and the proud owner of a shiny new PokerStars.net NAPT championship trophy.

The 22-year-old professional poker player from Parsipity, New Jersey outlasted a pro-heavy 872-player field, claiming the inaugural $5,000 buy-in PokerStars.net NAPT Venetian Main Event championship in Las Vegas. Marchese overcame a major chip differential against runner-up Sam Stein en route to winning the first ever NAPT event held on American soil.

“It’s a bit overwhelming,” said a camera shy Marchese in a postgame interview. “The event is definitely one of my new favorites. The turnout was great, the structure was really good and the tournament staff did a really good job all week. I’ll definitely be back next year,” Marchese said.

A total of 35 countries were represented in the five-day tournament, though the final table was an all-American affair. The event was 18 players away from reaching its 890-player cap and the prizepool eclipsed the $4 million mark. The top 128 finishers were paid.

Several members of Team PokerStars.net Pro made the money including Vanessa Rousso who finished 25th ($18,080), Friend of PokerStars.net Bill Chen who came 81st ($10,446) and former world champions Tom McEvoy and Greg Raymer who finished 101st and 102nd respectively.

While the final table was primarily dominated by youngsters, poker’s elder statesmen were honorably represented by 66-year-old professional poker player ‘Miami’ John Cernuto, who finished in seventh place ($104,461). Cernuto now boasts over $4.8 million in tournament earnings, spanning his 30-year poker-playing career.

The Main Event attracted numerous celebrity players including baseb Orel Hershiser, talk show host Montel Williams and comedian Brad Garrett.

Final table payouts:

1st: Tom Marchese (USA) - $827,648

2nd: Sam Stein (PokerStars.net Player, USA) - $522,306

3rd: Daniel Clemente (USA) - $309,366

4th: Yunus Jamal (USA) - $241,064

5th: David Paredes (USA) - $184,816

6th: Thomas Fuller (USA) - $144,639

7th: 'Miami' John Cernuto (USA) - $104,461

8th: Eric Blair (PokerStars.net Player, USA) - $60,266

Edited by mama913

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le communique final du high roller en anglais


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, February 26, 2010 – Ashton Griffin isn't just another Internet kid; he's your newest NAPT Champion.

The 21-year-old online poker prodigy from Lake Worth, Florida won consecutive shootout tables and eliminated six opponents, racking up a $560,000 payday in the NAPT Venetian High Roller Bounty Shootout.

The win was Griffin's largest live tournament result to date. He also finished seventh at LAPT San José on Season 1, earning $28,956.

The $25,000 buy-in invitational featured 49 of the world's best poker players, including former world champion and Team PokerStars.net Pro Peter Eastgate, who made the final table, ultimately finishing in 7th place.

Team PokerStars.net Pro was also represented by Daniel Negreanu, Joe Cada, Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier, Jason Mercier, Joe Hachem, Barry Greenstein, Vanessa Rousso, Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, John Duthie, Dario Minieri, Hevad Khan, Steven Paul.

Others in the field included Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Jennifer Tilly, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Joe Sebok, Tony G and Phil Galfond, amongst others.

The field was divided into seven tables of seven players, via a random table draw. $5,000 was deducted from each player's buy-in and turned into a claimable cash bounty award, given to any player who eliminates another from the tournament. Bust an opponent; claim his/her bounty.

Each table was played sit'n'go style and the seven winners from the opening round heats received $75,000 and earned a spot at the final table which boasted a winner-take-all format.

PokerStars.net added a $100,000 cash bonus to the prizepool, awarded to the player who collected the most bounties. PokerStars.net player Scott Seiver was the recipient of that award, claiming eight victims throughout the tournament.

Seiver eliminated all six opponents at his opening round table, jumping out to an early lead in the bounty race. He added two more at the final table finishing with a tournament-best eight bounties, worth a grand total of $140,000 ($40,000 in bounties and a $100,000 bonus).

Final table payouts:

(Place finished, Name, Country, Prize money, Bounties claimed)

1st: Ashton Griffin (USA) - $560,000 (6)

2nd: Hoyt Corkins (USA) - $100,000 (5)

3rd: Joe Cassidy (USA) - $95,000 (4)

4th: Scott Seiver (PokerStars.net Player, USA) - $215,000 (8)

5th: Faraz Jaka (PokerStars.net Player, USA) - $95,000 (4)

6th: Brett Richey (USA) - $90,000 (3)

7th: Peter Eastgate (Team PokerStars.net Pro, Denmark) - $85,000 (2)

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