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Nous leur souhaitons bonne chance

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av-18305.gif I'm planning to post a funny gif, wish me luck.

roger-hairabedian.jpg I'm planning to lost 100 Kg, wish me luck.

TILOUNAMUR2.jpg I'm planning to have a big bankroll, wish me luck.

Jamie%20Gold.jpg I'm planning to win a seconde WSOP, wish me luck.

francois-montmirel.jpg I'm planning to teach omaha hi/low, wish me luck.

tom-dwan.jpgI'm planning to play against isildur1, wish me luck.

Marrakech.jpg We planning to hit her, wish us luck.

Marrakech2.jpg I'm planning to marry him, wish me luck.

Seven.jpg I'm planning to be smart, wish me luck.

Nikkko.jpg I'm planning to create an epic thread, wish me luck.

Merci à 4chan pour l'idée, maintenant à vous

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Casino de Marrakech : WSOP Circuit