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  1. Special thanks to @p5woody who created this amazing design set – THE PRESTIGE. And special thanks to @Tommy who will be handling all reshipping works for USA/CAN region buyers. This project won’t exist without supports and suggestions from any of you guys, we really appreciate your efforts into this project.DESIGN & COLOR/CODE# REFERENCE1) POLYINNO 39MM CHIP 2) POLYINNO 43MM CHIP 3) POLYINNO/POLYCHROM 60MM DB All orders can be done in a 'semi-customize' way - mainly the writings. You may pick up the colors (each one has a unique code on it) and decide what denomination you'd like to have. And, if you prefer to have another name, 'Morgan' for example rather than the original 'Prestige', we can also help you change the writings as well as the initial 'P' inside the shield.Here are the denomination options provided by Woody for your reference:1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, $2, $2.50, $5, $10,$20, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $2000, $2500, $5000, $10,000, $20,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $1,000,000, 3-dot non-denominated, RE-BUY and Bounty.PROTOTYPE PICTURE REFERENCES PRICING & ORDERING QTYThe unit price has covered shipping costs from our side to Tommy's location in the USA. Excludes 15% tariff and local USPS shipping cost, we’ll help you calculate the total when you place the order.Each 'NON-CUSTOMIZED' order will have to be at least 100pcs in total, no quantity limitation on each color.Each 'SEMI-CUSTOMIZED' order will have to be at least 300pcs in total, no quantity limitation on each color. CHIP TYPE UNIT PRICE TARIFF COST RESHIPPING COST PolyInno 39mm Chip $0.56/ea +15% total amount $15.05/MFRB box PolyInno 43mm Chip $0.60/ea +15% total amount $15.05/MFRB box PolyChrom 60mm DB $2.90/ea +15% total amount $15.05/MFRB box PolyInno 60mm DB $3.10/ea +15% total amount $15.05/MFRB box CHIP TYPE UNIT PRICE TARIFF COST RESHIPPING COST PolyInno 39mm Chip without Label $0.44/ea +15% total amount $15.05/MFRB box PolyInno 43mm Chip without Label $0.48/ea +15% total amount $15.05/MFRB box PolyInno 60mm DB without Label $2.90/ea +15% total amount $15.05/MFRB box SHIPPINGWe fully understand that everyone would like to have their own sets on hand as soon as possible, however during this special pandemic period, the air shipping cost has increased almost 6 to 10 times and it keeps changing every single day, therefore we would most likely choose sea freight as our first option if the air cost was still on a high level by the time when we are ready to ship out all GB orders.Sea freight usually takes about 22 days from our port to the ports around the west coast area of the US, plus custom clearance and ground shipping to Tommy's location, roughly it'd take about 30 days in total.Tommy will reship your orders by putting our packing boxes into the USPS MFRB once he receives the bulk shipment, this part of cost will be calculated and collected by us when you place the order, we'll then wire these funds to Tommy once we ship out the bulk cargo.HOW TO ORDER AND PAY?Simply send email to sales@sun-fly.com with your ordering quantity, customization information as well as your contact info (Address/ZIP code/Phone# etc), our sales will help you calculate the total cost then generate an invoice for you. You may arrange payment to our PayPal or bank account at your convenience.A digital proof will be generated based on your customization requirements then sent to you for your confirmation once we receive your payment.HOW LONG WILL THIS GB LAST?We would like to keep it in roughly 3 weeks to collect orders as many as possible since now, after that we’ll start production and stop taking new orders of the GB since we will not be able to insert any new orders to our imprint line once the production schedule is fixed and running.Alternatively, you can still place custom orders with us and ship along with the GB bulk shipment with a lower shipping rate but pricing of the chips will be calculated separately without a discount.THE PRESTIGE design will be available to purchase later on our retail website.
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