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  1. ACF Poker

    hello, Hungarian players are accepted? i have bank account( valid swift,iban and bic code) thank you for answer and GL!
  2. Turbopoker : Problème de cashout

    HI if you want to make cash withdrawals to be paid before? Thanks
  3. PMU Poker

    hello, Hongrie players is accepted? wait for the (secret) code to thirteen days ago. Thank you! " awakened0531 "
  4. I expected this please start
  5. hmm. but. pokerwooman74 (Turbo Poker) downloade here this banner...
  6. Horaires qualifs DSO

    grrrr. then dont cry babes! (( ty for answer CP!
  7. what a problem cp? hungarian players and other county registration is ok but france player,do not register!?
  8. add pokertable name here! http://www.clubpoker.net/mes-pseudos-poker
  9. I registered just because of you...!! pass is correctm pls. 10players:(
  10. bed news! i registered at here,from banner. no problem. 1registered players. i am :S
  11. hi guys. this is great tornaments! 2€ only. but have 2registered players.prize nov 268€. minimum 10. tuornanments starts in 3hours. gogo guys!klikk n deposit! thank you club poker! best of +ev tour:)
  12. merci d'être ici!:)

    1. WebDesigner


      Tout le plaisir est pour moi, vraiment.

  13. Hello KillBill0531, Bienvenue sur le Club Poker ! :)

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