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  1. [GEN] SNG Micro Buy-ins

    Yanlr1 is the weakest reg at 5euro+ and hugely exploitable, the other two are solid, MaraCh94 is ok also.
  2. [GEN] SNG Micro Buy-ins

    This. AJ openshove
  3. Réunion joueurs-staff PokerStars sur les Sit and Go

    Yeah, I decided it, what I say, stars does . Seriously, stars do not listen to regs, French or not, I wish they did, go look at stars.com sng suggestion thread on 2+2, the regs have given up communicating with stars. I gave my opinion because I do have a lot of experience in these games, maybe I have an idea or two that helps. The table limit thing is a small change, you think its bad and I think its an improvement, but its definitely a small change (and pokerstars 7 client arrives soon (??) and will be a better fix for the lobby problems). What about all the games that never run but still have lobbies (anyone for a 100euro 9man regspeed?); The decision to run the World Cup tickets promo as a tourney and not a lottery (lets have all the recreational players spend the evening in a badly structured MTT they have no realistic chance in, instead of playing sngs, err thanks); Not enough liquidity to run any games at 100euro+ (cant we try 4max again?); Outdated Battle of Planets, even regs struggle to hit volume now, make it easier and more people will try. Etc etc, there must be other stuff that annoys you more than this table limit thing? Anyway, they wont listen, only to me .
  4. [GEN] SNG Micro Buy-ins

    I know, and he was wrong, it was 20bb effective, not 25bb, I looked it up. Thanks for calling me an idiot though, another lowstakes breakeven boss I take it? SN?
  5. [GEN] SNG Micro Buy-ins

    20bb's. Looked at it, Its slightly-EV, but theres hundreds of worse plays every day from other regs, but anyway, thanks for pointing that out. GL.
  6. After 2 days, ignoring my points from 30euro+ buyins, I'm at 39000. Its very straightforward to get to 100000 from low buyins. Click more buttons, guys. GL.
  7. Réunion joueurs-staff PokerStars sur les Sit and Go

    At the moment there is a software bug on stars.fr ("low system resources" crashes) thats preventing some people from playing. Was affecting a small subset of (high volume?) players, including myself, across all clients last week, someone said stars.com traffic was down 25% because of it, stars.com client fixed on Friday but stars.fr client hasnt been fixed yet (pleeeasse hurry), so that may explain it also.
  8. Réunion joueurs-staff PokerStars sur les Sit and Go

    Thank you for implementing lobby limits, finally, I think 3 tables at all limits would be better still, but ok. This decision, should, I hope, benefit everyone that plays. Recreational players do not necessarily use filters, now they dont have to look past the x40 5euro regspeed games that Samrodd has regged for to find the game they want to play, lobby is cleaner, they register faster = game starts faster = a good thing. Players here complaining that they have to go back into lobby multiple times, if you're multitabling that much that this is a distraction, you should have tableninja already, just use TN to reg the games. If you dont have TN, buy it, use as many of its functions as you can, you'll make a better hourly. Personally, I use software to reg the games, having lobby limits allows me to reg first, rather than regging 3rd or 4th as I have to do when using software at the moment. This means these games will start faster (many recreational players dont like regging first) = game starts faster = a good thing.
  9. [GEN] Le topic officiel SNG short-handed.

    Anyone else getting the "low system resources" crash on stars? I can't play because of it, stars have told me it's highest priority to fix as it's effecting an important player base, guess that means it's a problem with software effecting high volume players?? Anyone got this? Beertime.
  10. [GEN] SNG Micro Buy-ins

    I'm running 700 buyins below EV, the last 15 months or so, would be amazed if anyone on stars.fr is running worse than this (I know of only one person on stars.com who runs further below ev). So, to answer your question, no, I dont think stars are favouring me, am waiting for them to press the boomswitch. GL at the tables.
  11. Réunion joueurs-staff PokerStars sur les Sit and Go

    These numbers are very low and a reason to change, and if you take away the players that play a high % of hypers, would be near zero players hitting any high orbit score at saturn and earth. Example, last week I played 25 hours, peak times, most turbos and reg speed that ran at 20/30 euro; I played 85 games. If I struggle to hit a high orbit score, almost every turbo player will find it impossible. At least one goal of BOP is to motivate people to play more to hit a score, high orbit is clearly failing most players right now.
  12. Réunion joueurs-staff PokerStars sur les Sit and Go

    Thanks Matthias. Is the plan to limit each game to maximum of 5 lobbies open, as was mentioned following the meeting, I think that would be good? Will you be looking at the BOP situation again soon, was mentioned after the meeting that 100 games in high orbit was too hard for players to reach and you'd consider reducing to 50-60 games for high orbit? As traffic has reduced since the meeting this idea seems even more relevant now.
  13. Réunion joueurs-staff PokerStars sur les Sit and Go

    Email sent to stars support, below, maybe if you feel the same, more people that ask, more chance they address this. Hi, Please can you forward to the sng manager. So, there was mention some time ago on clubpoker forum, following player meeting, that the number of lobbies that could be spawned would be limited, as is already implemented on stars.com. Any reason this happened yet; currently we have one guy, who likes to register for x50 5 euro regspeed 6 max at once (a game that runs maybe 5/hour), other offenders in other games too. This must make the lobby terrible to use for casual players who maybe aren't using filters. As someone that uses software to register for games, when one player registers for huge numbers of games the software can't run efficiently, so it causes me to miss games. Also, again due to how the registration software works, it prevents me from being a game starter (I have to always sit 3rd or 4th otherwise the software sits me in loads of games that will never run). Basically, there's a few people that abuse the system, it doesn't benefit them in any way, but it does ruin the lobby for casual players and can cause significant problems to multitabling regs. Thanks
  14. Réunion joueurs-staff PokerStars sur les Sit and Go

    All these proposals look good to me, nice work if they can be implemented some time soon.
  15. Réunion joueurs-staff PokerStars sur les Sit and Go

    elgatolopez: I had a similar thought with removing 20/30's and having only a 25euro game. If traffic stayed the same obviously its a good idea, my concern is that changes to buyin levels upset a lot of players, I played on stars.com when they changed buyin levels (and actually reduced rake) and traffic went down a lot. eliott: Yeah, I agree removing reg speed games wont directly increase turbo liquidity much. I think it would improve player experience to remove games that never run; if I was a recreational player and I sat a 50euro 9man reg speed (seriously, this game exists, how many times has this run this year??) for 15 minutes waiting for players that never arrive, thats not fun. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that BOP should benefit recreational players as well as regs. I actually think it does benefit all players far better than the stars.com BOP. One idea, that would benefit recreational players, and makes sense given the lower traffic on stars.fr compared to .com, would be to lower the volume requirements for BOP; for example low orbit 10 games, high orbit 50 games. GL tomorrow, whats your stars screen name if you dont mind me asking?
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