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  1. erreur de mon pseudo sur PS: Amokris et non Radrad merci
  2. Chip counts apres elimination c'est chaud tout le est comme dirait PB dans un mouchoir de poche du moins presque lol Juha Lauttamus 1800000 Arnaud Mattern 1600000 Gino Alacqua 1100000 Kristian Kjondal 1050000
  3. Markus Golser est out un de plus
  4. 1.5 contre 1.4 je crois c pas catastrophique Go Arnaud goooooooooooooo
  5. Arnaud n'est plus chip leader et laisse sa place a Juha
  6. Tout le monde arrachent les blindes sauf Juha qui donne son tour a Arnaud
  7. chips count officiel Arnaud Mattern 1,734,000 Juha Lauttamus 1,460,000 Kristian Kjondal 1,200,000 Gino Alacqua 763,000 Markus Golser 420,000
  8. chip counts actuel je crois Arnaud Mattern 1.800.000 Juha Lauttamus 1.400.000 Kristian Kjondal 1.010.000 Gino Alacqua 755.000 Markus Golser 350.000
  9. Ca reprend avec des blindes à 10000/20000 et ante à 2000
  10. Chip Counts au break Arnaud Mattern 2,248,000 Kristian Kjondal 697,000 Dag Palovic 676,000 Nedzib Suman 648,000 Gino Alacqua 634,000 Markus Golser 390,000 Juha Lauttamus 222,000 Arnaud est le gros CL
  11. maintenant c le break pendant 15 min
  12. Les Italiens font peur!!!!!!! Gino Alacqua has finally played his first hand of the final table. Nedzib Suman opened for a raise UTG and Kristian Kjondal called from the button. With a wave of his hands Gino announces, "All in," from the small blind. He stands up and then sits down again with his hands covering his head. Everyone folds and Gino takes the 135,000 in the middle to move up to 685,000. Cries of "Force Italia!" ring out from his countrymen in the crowd.
  13. Suman doubles up through Lauttamus Neszib Suman opened for 60,000 from the cut-off seat and it folded to Juha Lauttamus in the big blind who asked for a count of the Swede's remaiining 260,000 stack before moving all-in. Suman thought for a minute before calling. for Suman for Lauttamus Board: A full house for Suman who moves his stack up to almost 700,000.
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