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  1. @antoinepx Could you take a pic of the different Dolphin sample chips that you have, for reference?
  2. I’m looking for any and all quantities of Dolphin sample chips with denominated inner rings without currency symbols. Also interested in samples with Dolphin written on the inner ring. If you have them but don't want to ship to Finland, let me know and I will figure something out. A few examples of, but not limited to, the chips pictured below. Thank you!
  3. Très bien, mon ami!
  4. [Terminé] La caverne d'Odrababa

    Wow, that is a rarely seen error from Paulson, but it looks like they put that PCA inlay upside down! Very cool indeed. GLWS!
  5. @Oggyonenot real casino chips, I think some kind of a private order long ago. And of course I can ship to Switzerland but that's in a more expensive shipping zone, so would be 15 EUR extra.
  6. Bump... Good 10-man tournament set with comfortable starting stacks of: 20 x 5 (100) 20 x 25 (500) 9 x 100 (900) 5 x 500 (2500) For 4000 starting stacks on blinds 5-10 (equivalent of T20,000 on 25-50) with enough 100, 500 and 1000 for color-up and rebuys (or to play deeper, e.g T6000 for deep stack events).
  7. Yes Sir, PM replied!
  8. I can change the breakdown a bit, if someone would prefer another one... No more black chips though.
  9. I'm interested in any unweighted BJ V6 chips you may have. I would like the mold to have the spade, club, heart and diamond patterns on it. One version of such molds shown below for reference.
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