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  1. [WTS] BG Plaques 100k

  2. Nice chips! I'm selling new ones by the way, if setup is not good for somebody
  3. [WTS] BG: Casino Monte Carlo St Petersburg chips

    One rack left, last 100 chips selling Selling only in set with another denominations
  4. [WTS] Paulson Mizar chips

    2 euro per chip + not expensive EU delivery
  5. [WTS] Sold BG: Premiere casino chips 60x100

    BUMP 100 euro with shipping in Europe from Finland
  6. [WTS] Paulson Mizar chips

    2.5 euro per chip I will add more photos soon
  7. [WTS] BG Plaques 100k

    Bump! Ready to make lower cost of 5/10/40/all plaques Low cost of shipping as letter from Finland
  8. Salute! Bourgogne et Grasset casino chips in nice yellow and mint blue colors combination. 3 mint barrels of 100' per 25 euro each, original plastic rack for 10 euro Shipping from Finland, minimum 1 barrel
  9. [WTS] BG: Casino Monte Carlo St Petersburg chips

    New prices per rack: 2.5's - 160€ 5's - 130€ 10's - 130€ 25's - 130€ 50's - 160€ 100's - 160€ By set discount up to 5%. Sell from barrel of denomination (20 chips)
  10. [WTS] BG: Casino Monte Carlo St Petersburg chips

    Salute! Last full Monte Carlo chips set for 1050 euro 1220 euro Set contains 8 new sealed racks in original plastic boxes 100x1' 100x2.5' 100x5' 100x10' 100x25' 100x50' 100x100' 100x500' Fast worldwide shipping from Finland (no taxes in EU)
  11. [WTS] BG: Casino Monte Carlo St Petersburg chips

    Bump! Ready to sell and send last full set and some other denominations Shipping from Finland (no taxes in EU)
  12. [WTS] Paulson Mizar chips

    Bump! Ready to ship from Finland/Russia
  13. [WTS] Paulson Mizar chips

    Salute! Paulson Mizar chips 25' 80 chips 5' 50 chips 2,5' 15 chips Selling for best price minimum 20 chips Immediate shipping from Russia or shipping from Finland in January
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