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  1. I’ll buy a full set too if it helps
  2. Bonjour a tous! In the process of building an Inplay cashset. Have found 5/25/100s and I’m looking for: $1s - 200 $500s - 20 Any of these out there? Please let me know and name your price. Merci, guys! Erik
  3. Jesus christ I almost had a heart attack and thought I had just missed this before I saw the dates haha
  4. Like the title says, looking for a barrel each of the WTHC 100s/500s/1ks Have 35 $5s to trade and the two barrels of TRK Kings Crown and of course €. Thanks!
  5. [Cancelled] BCC CDI cashset

    This is as low as they’ll go. If no one wants them by the end of today, they’ll go back to the vault. Happy to keep them.
  6. [WTS] TRK Kings Crown $100s

    Bump, €250 takes them both
  7. [Cancelled] BCC CDI cashset

    New price: €1100 + shipping takes them
  8. [Cancelled] BCC CDI cashset

    Price updated to €1150 + shipping
  9. [Cancelled] BCC CDI cashset

    Bump with updated sale and more pics
  10. [Cancelled] BCC CDI cashset

    Looks like I found my WTHC set! Samurais are probably spoken for but BCC CDIs are available for sale. I think @Icewoodmight be interested so he gets first chance. But MP me if you’re interested
  11. Changing this into a sales thread. Only CDIs remaining. Price for the set is €1100 + shipping. Breakdown: 1s - 200 5s - 240 25s - 120 100s - 80 500s - 40 1ks - 20
  12. [WTS] TRK Kings Crown $100s

    1 barrel is sold
  13. Have 3 barrels of Kings Crown $100s for sale. Price is €135/barrel + shipping from Sweden. Thanks for looking Erik
  14. [WTS] Paulson chips shop

    Intruiging! Tell us more, please
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Winamax : WAM vs CP XIV
Winamax : WAM vs CP XIV