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  1. Bots sur betclic nl100/200 ?

    Hello I am Spanish MTT reg, I found this thread looking for info on L*clerc57, n4k*r1, Ho*seCligane, Ven*sDeMilo and one more long list. I know they have been bots for months but at MTT tables. Seeing that they all play cash is also more suspicious. A month ago I sent an e-mail with a list of about 20-25 MTT bots. To my skin (Sportium.es) and I never got an answer. All these bots have been entering little by little throughout the year, increasing the registration of these in summer. In MTT it is a huge plague, even at the final tables you can feel how they play softly between them, to get the best results. Ch*paGuappa PIata0Pl*mo Ven*sdeMilo N4k*r1 TwoTh*Moon Ch*breVolant Mov*PasNash L*veJulieta Ub*rEats SangreC*liente TheR*gnarson Le*clerc57 EST*YTRANQUILO T*sFishe H*useCligane SoyT*Regla The list is much larger, but these are the most obvious. if anyone can invite me discord by private message I will be happy to help.
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