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  1. [WTS] One Day European Sale!

    Shouldn't be a problem! Would be $120 and shipping, and will be sent out when I return from Poker Chip Forum meetup 17-23. Purple or Blue $500s, and Yellow with brown or red spots for $1k?
  2. [WTS] One Day European Sale!

    Sorry, have had a little difficult with the site on my mobile. It's a rough estimate, but around the following: 360 x $25420 x $100200 x $500320 x $1k260 x $5k160 x $25kAlso way more bounties than anyone would ever need, and at least a barrel more of each denom above I'd wager. If you need to switch out a chip, I have about 6-800 of the purples you barely see in the picture, and 200 of the yellow 1ks with the brown spots instead of red. Thanks, Jeff
  3. [WTS] One Day European Sale!

    Pictures taken and attached for these as they didn’t come from public sale. Like the rest, price is same that I paid to get them, and didn’t put into play. 1 Rack of Mint .50 - 175 Euro 180 $1s, casino used, not really many fleabites, but just tried 10 and none stand on edge - 150 Euro 20 Oversized Inlay $20s (do stand on edge) - 20 Euro
  4. [WTS] One Day European Sale!

    Prices do not include shipping. I may have thought there was a lot more activity here and shipping prices/taxes kept people from grabbing small, good US deals so I picked up a couple items in case anyone wanted them. Hideaway Casino Set (2 Available) 60 Euro/set (200 - $1 chips, 200 -$2 chips, 160 $-5 chips, 40 -$25 chips) *Chipco chips. $1 chips are very worn* In original packaging (can send additional images), just got these because they're so cheap. Picked up 2, and wouldn't mind keeping em. Just throwing them up (at a loss with my shipping them twice) in case anyone wants em. Big Easy Casino - 1 Tournament Set 275 Euro (In original packing, can send photos. Legitimately hoping these don't sell, they're amazing for the price.) Sorry for no bigger price break. Had to ship these twice, and actually really like them. Planned on getting another set when I visit the US if these sold, but I think they are all out. Still offering because I originally bought them in case someone here wanted, but didn't because of shipping. List price for these is 312 Euro plus possibly import/customs fees. 200 Aransas $5s, 100 Aransas $25s (Will be offered on PCF Sunday Morning) 205 Euro for $5s, 95 Euro for $25s (Originally purchased both racks here, still in original packing, can send additional photos) These are not mint, they are used as some chips have small fleabites, but overall are in pretty great shape. https://www.pokerchipforum.com/threads/aransas-racks-barrels-samples-price-cut.49423/ Over 3,000 CPS tourney chips. Price is around .37 Euro, the average price I paid ($.40) We can try and create a breakdown that works for you and leaves me with a playable set, unless you're buying a very large order. I also have purchased rights to print labels for the set if you want it semi custom. Dibs goes to @Racer96, if he's no longer interested will go to whoever purchases the largest piece. Lac Courte Oreilles LCO set with Ballys to be relabeled as Fracs, heavily used $1s, ceramic $5s, used $25s (more checkmarks than fleabites), and the beautiful $100s. 200 x .25/.50 300 x $1 660 x $5 200 x $25 100 x $100 Tried to get pictures that would show chips status. The $1s are the worst with fleabites, so took an additional photo as they were difficult to see overhead. Ballys are dirty but mostly just dirt, should clean up well (are not relabeled). Fantastic set to start with if you want to see what all the fuss is about leaded shaped Paulsons. Outpost Casino 3 Racks of Heavly Used $5s - 255 Euro from here: https://www.pokerchipforum.com/threads/outpost-casino-5s-88-per-rack-10-racks-available.49221/ 2 Racks of Oversized $5s - 130 Euro from here: https://www.pokerchipforum.com/threads/havana-1s.49376/ 98 of NearMint/Mint $20s - 195 Euro here https://www.pokerchipforum.com/threads/prices-dropped-racks-barrels-of-nice-paulson-thc-ihc-chips.49199/#post-924092 Rack of cleaned and oiled .25 error chips - 350 Euro here https://www.pokerchipforum.com/threads/prices-dropped-racks-barrels-of-nice-paulson-thc-ihc-chips.49199/#post-924092 1 Rack of Mint .50 - 175 Euro 180 $1s, casino used, not really many fleabites, but just tried 10 and none stand on edge - 150 Euro 20 Oversized Inlay $20s (do stand on edge) - 20 Euro
  5. Will update here tonight. Selling the super cheap sets (hideaways?) From last chiproomsale, big easy tourney set, some aransas racks, lco set (casino used), some mix of racks or set of outpost, and CPS. Also think I have some roulettes, not sure. No high end mint chips on this one, mostly middling chips for new chippers or someone looking to not spend a ton to get something into play. Will post Aransas, LCOs, and Outposts on PCF after 24 hours. PP is still in $, but can do bank to bank transfer (was told this is a way many people pay on here/PCF?). Everything will ship when I return from US meetup, week of the 23rd.
  6. [WTB] Poker Table

    Looking for a table. Will eventually get custom tables built so this is just temporary, doesn’t have to be great. If nothing comes up I’ll just grab the 100ish Euro table off amazon.
  7. [WTS] Roadhouse T10000 Sets

    Friendly bump. Will offer to US if no takers.
  8. It’s going to take me a bit, but I will be posting various sets and racks of chips for sale. I need to go through them all, determine what is being sold/kept, and get pictures/prices up. Figure this is a good place to start, since I know I’m letting these go and I think the price is pretty fantastic. As seen from the chiproom... Roadhouse T10000 Set (2 Available) $949.99 plus shipping(120 $25 chips, 120 $100 chips, 90 $500 chips, 50 $1000 chips, 20 $5000 chips) There is also one additional tourney breakdown available at $1500: 150 $25s, 150 $100s, 100 $500s, 60 $1Ks, 40 5Ks (As I’m pretty unfamiliar with the chip market here vs. the US, I’m always open to discuss pricing, but I think I’m usually pretty fair. To be totally open, the T10,000s cost me $900 in a chiproom sale plus shipping, and the other set cost me $1600 plus shipping, and obviously getting them to FR.)
  9. Are the original labels on some of these the LCO roulettes?
  10. All the PrOns inside

    That’s true Julien! I’ll have to decide whether they go in EU display, or Chippers Best Friends display (pets)! Excited to start browsing through clubpoker and see what else is out there.
  11. Bonjour, My family and I have just recently relocated from the United States. I have been chipping for just over a year on PCF, but this sickness has caused me to buy many chips over that year. My love is seeing the amazing custom sets that everyone creates. I'm looking for samples of full custom sets (CPC/ABC blanks/etc.) and any semi customs (label overs/8V CCs/milled/etc.)! I've already seen a couple here that looked amazing. Thank you, Jeff
  12. All the PrOns inside

    Apologies for the English, second week in France, and working hard to learn the language. We just relocated from United States, and will be living in France for the next few years. Right now, I don't have a single poker chip with me ! So no pron for now, but luckily the chips are packed safely away and being transported. I look forward to hopefully bringing some extra chips to our market! This is one of a few cases making it's way over via ship: I love custom chips, and I look forward to seeing all of the amazing customs outside of the US, and hopefully getting samples! Jeff
  13. [Vendu] Boutons Dealer et plaques NPS

    Would you do a deal if one person buy's everything?
  14. I would love to purchase a sample of The Isle if available! (Just moved to france, new user. PCF account: https://www.pokerchipforum.com/members/barriej3.4933/)
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