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  1. [Vendu] Nevada Jack Set - 400x

    Not sure where I said I was a specialist. And yeah, to hell with English and Spanish speaking people. Not sure why I would try and help anymore, I should know better than to log on here. When I reship I ensure but I don’t include actual pricing. Hence the reshipping portion and not purchasing directly from vendors.
  2. [Vendu] Nevada Jack Set - 400x

    Again, not questioning if they're genuine?? I was trying to say I can help out if the buyer needs to do an addon, because the prices between Cartes Production and BR Poker is massive. If you buy 500 chips, you can spend $550ish through Carte, or $325 through BR Poker plus shipping over to EU. But y'all do you.
  3. [Vendu] Nevada Jack Set - 400x

    GLWS. For EU users who don’t know better, you can add on to this purchase here to build out your breakdown https://brpropoker.com/collections/...-chips/products/nevada-jack-skulls-poker-chip (I now there’s a different site for out there. If someone legitimately needs to add onto this purchase and can save buying from US store, I’m available in TX, US for reshipping).
  4. Building an Aztar set. Need to look at how many of these denoms I have, and will probably be interested in purchase. Will let you know for sure on Monday.
  5. You can have it it’s fine, I’m just done publicly selling here. If I have something someone wants, of course they can have it.
  6. Travel to the US, bring a bunch of chips with you that aren’t often found there, sell them at or below normal costs, including saving them on import fees and shipping, and you can speak whatever language you want. I think the money I’ve saved people on the thousands I sold don’t care if I speak Swahili.
  7. Sorry Oggy! I should’ve made my post in French, no split, and for a large profit like yours.
  8. Fixed it, sorry.
  9. Oh yeah, and willing to trade plus cash for PCA secondaries to help a friend.
  10. Example of what US PCFer did with BJ Roulettes
  11. Added additional chips/photos.
  12. [Vendu] Set BCC "The Dunes"

    Funny, if you have to justify your sales regularly, what does that say about the seller? And true, high price may hurt the seller, but it can also hurt an unsuspecting buyer, which is why some people may ask questions or provide additional information (if you were an EU only buyer and hadn’t seen these before, wouldn’t you like to know what current sales prices were?) https://www.pokerchipforum.com/threads/the-dunes-bcc-bluechipcompany-chips.49625/
  13. I’m done. You obviously don’t get it. No one cares who bought it. It’s that you bought just to both break and flip a HOF eu set. Next time you’re “embarassed” by your actions, maybe don’t go poking around and have it brought up.
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