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  1. Hi, I want to sell some stuff I don`t need anymore. I have two brand new "President Casino on the Admiral" poker tablecloth to sell. They we`re custom made for myself, both have two little defects. That`s why I got a third one which I use for myself. The first one is lightly damaged on the bottom so there is a small bump on the felt. The other one has a small dirt spot on it, it also might be washable (I haven`t tried it yet). Both have the measurements 188 cm (about 74 inch) x 89 cm (about 35 inch). The tablecloth has a anti slip mat underneath it so you can perfectly use it on any table you want. Asking 30 Euros each plus shipping. Sample of poker speed cloth, has a little dirt spot on it, maybe washable. Size is about 150 cm (50 inch) x 100 cm (39 inch). Asking 5 Euro plus shipping. Two decks of plastic cards, the one with the blue back is still sealed. The red one was used. Asking 5 Euros plus shipping. Card slet, used condition, 10 Euros plus shipping Double deck KNPC cards, new and sealed, 10 Euros plus shipping. Two decks of Gemaco Grand Victoria Resort and Casino cards, great condition, 15 Euros per deck plus shipping. Cut card MGM Grand, 8 Euros plus shipping. Rascals Casino sample set of two chips, one $ 1 and one $ 25 chip, asking 3 Euro for each sample. Paulson Empress Casino sample set of four chips ($ 1, $ 5, $ 25 and $ 100), asking 15 Euros per sample. Cascade Lanes Casino sample set, 3 chips ($ 1, $ 3, $ 5), asking 5 Euros per set plus shipping. And of course I saved the best for last... LotL T-Shirt European size L with Phil Helmuth jr. print: "I can dodge bullets baby". Great condition, 10 Euros plus shipping.
  2. Bonjour! I am selling parts of my big EPT tourney set. For sale are 2.000 ceramic cips new and unused as I just sell the chips which I do not need for my own set. Breakdown: 800 x 100 600 x 500 300 x 1000 200 x 5000 100 x 10.000 I´d like to sell them as sets of 500 chips with the following breakdown: 200 x 100 150 x 500 75 x 1000 50 x 5000 25 x 10.000 Price for one set: 375 Euro plus shipping. If you need more than one set, feel free to ask. I´m shipping from Germany.
  3. PPP`s, 888.com and Hooters sold!
  4. Hi, I`m selling my newly acquired Matsui Macao Chipset. The chips are new and unused, very sharp edges. For sale are 1.100 chip for 750 Euro plus shipping. Also considering a split if it makes sense. Please feel free to ask. Breakdown: 200 x 5 300 x 10 300 x 20 300 x 25
  5. Only one Hooters South Park sample left!
  6. Sold! Thank you very much @Dumpaker
  7. I`m selling a set of 500 Pokerstars European Poker Tour ceramic chips. The chips are brand new and sealed. I`ve bought the set as a tourney set, but it never got into play. The EPT chips are 10.5 gram ceramic chips with a great design and great haptics. The quality is extraordinary (see pictures), the surface is slighly rough so the chips do not slip away and even higher stacks can be build. I`m selling the whole for a total of 350 euros plus shipping. I prefer shipping in the EU because of the expected shipping costs but I have no problem with shipping world wide. The set includes the following denoms: 200 x 100 150 x 500 75 x 1000 50 x 5000 25 x 10.000 Also considering serious offers, please feel free to ask. Thanks, Chefe
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