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  1. Déco et lag sur Winamax

    Hello, Unfortunately this didn't work, I wrote to support 19 hours ago, I hope they will answer soon.
  2. Déco et lag sur Winamax

    Hello, I can't login to Winamax, because of server timeout error. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. Améliorer Winamax

    Here is the solution by Winamax Support: We are contacting you regarding your software update issue. In order to resolve your issue, we recommend that you follow the steps outlined below:• Uninstall the Winamax.fr software by using the "Apps & Features" program in your Settings, or by opening the following file: C:\Users\[WINDOWS USERNAME]\Winamax\uninstall.exe.• Once you have successfully uninstalled the software, please ensure that the following file has been deleted in the process:C:\Users\[WINDOWS USERNAME]\Winamax\ (if this has not been deleted, you can do this manually)• You can then install the latest version of our software from the following page:https://dl.winamax.fr/client/windows/installer/wamInstall.exeShould you problem persist, please contact us again with a screenshot which describes your issue. Thank you for your understanding.Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Kind Regards, *** NOTE: You have to run the installer as Administrator, or it won't work! ***
  4. Améliorer Winamax

    Hello, After the latest Winamax client update (ver. 5.16) I can't login, because of server time out. Anyone else have this problem?
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