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  1. Group buy Jack Detroit

    no prices so far. will come on sunday (or one week later)
  2. Group buy Jack Detroit
  3. Group buy Jack Detroit

    guys, It seems that those chips are not the chips, we are talking about. it's Jacks Detroit. There is no image about the chips so far
  4. Group buy Jack Detroit

    2 racks of 1s 1 rack of snappers but depends on the price
  5. [Terminé] Paulson Top hat and Cane

    In future, I will follow the regular process. congratulations for this epic buy!
  6. [Terminé] Paulson Top hat and Cane

    It was my error/mistake. Sorry!
  7. [Terminé] Paulson Top hat and Cane

    I dont speek french. I was on my mobile phone on my way back home, so I tried to react as soon as possible
  8. [Terminé] Paulson Top hat and Cane

    If someone buy those chips, I would be very interested in 60-100x 1s.
  9. [Terminé] Paulson Top hat and Cane

    Hi guys. saw the offer and instead posting into the thread, I sent him a message and offered him a higher price for all chips + case + shipping to germany. it was not my intention to crash anyones trade. If I compare the time between my private message and the first answer of alabtros in this thread, there was some minutes difference, because I was on my phone and hat internet problems. albatros posted before my message reached the server. So I take my offer back and I will not buy those chips. Sorry for this, in future, I will post in the thread first. best regards, Jonathan
  10. [WTS] PCA

    I don't get it
  11. [WTS] PCA

    Im interested!
  12. Hey guys, please checkout this topic on PCF: best regards, Jonathan
  13. [WTS] Paulson Harrah's / Benny's / Terrible

    Hi, I take the Harras!
  14. [WTS] (100) Monte Carlo $2 - Paulson THC

    you are absolutly right! I've adapated the price to 265 euro
  15. I just received this beautiful rack of Monte Carlo $2s, but I need to sell them right away, in order to refinance some other purchases. Chipguide: Condition: mint Price: €265 for 100 chips Trade: Open for trades: Paris $1s // Paulson Pharaohs Shipping: from Germany worldwide, prices are without paypal fees and shipping. I can ship worldwide at your cost and risk.
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