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  1. [WTS] Paulson Chips

  2. no sorry. I'm looking for THC only
  3. I would take the 130x 25 if possible!
  4. [WTS] Paulson Chips

    Hey guys, I'm selling a lot of paulson chips on PCF: 200x Paulson Chips - Sam's Town $1 [EU]20x Eddie's Fabulous 50's [EU]84x Paulson Chips - $5 brown-blue hotstamps [EU]100x Paulson Chips - The Post $0.5 [EU] best regards, Jonathan
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for 200 Sam's Town $1s to trade for 200 of mine Paris $1s I think the will play good together with the rest of my set
  6. I'm interested in 19 of those 0.50
  7. [WTB] Chip Storage BJ Racks

    I'm looking for the plastic racks, not for chips
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for around 20 BJ Racks, but I'm also happy with smaller numbers. To avoid costums and high shipping costs, it needs to be an inner-EU deal.
  9. he didn't mentioned the cracks to me with words or pictures. we made the deal in the context of another deal some months earlier
  10. Be aware. I got scammed by @5aces https://www.pokerchipforum.com/threads/st-joes-chips-scammed-by-5aces.42610/
  11. [WTB] Hot pink THC solids

  12. [WTB] Le Cove $20s

    I also take smaller lots than a barrel
  13. [WTB] Le Cove $20s

    Hey guys, I'm looking for at least a barrel of Le Cove $20s Would also take a full rack. thank you for help, best regards, Jonathan
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