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  1. Europe is local ;-)
  2. [WTB] WTHC T5000&T1000

    Hi there! I posted this in PCF but I guess it's worth a shot here as well. And EU shipping would be much easier! I'm looking for T5000 and T1000 WTHC (up to 3 barrels of each), and willing to pay a good price for them, especially T5000. Thanks, Daniele
  3. Hi there! I don't know if you are finally going to split, but I'd take all the T1000 and T5000 you've got, at a good price! Thanks, Daniele
  4. [WTS/WTT] Sample WSOP

    I'll get one, please !
  5. [Vendu] Atlantic Cub sample set

    I'll take them
  6. [WTB] of Avalon T25s

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a mint/almost mint barrel of green avalon T25 to complete my set. Offering 60/70€ (almost mint/mint). Attached a couple of images of the chips. Thanks for watching, Daniele
  7. [WTS] 43mm racks

    Thanks guys! I'm waiting for a Matsui estimate for racks & shipping. Then I'll contact with BRpRO Poker in the US. Daniele
  8. [WTS] 43mm racks

    Hi everybody, Does anybody know where to get some 43mm racks (I need 4), preferably here in Europe? Or maybe someone of the community has got some extra, wishing to sell. Thank you, Daniele
  9. I'd like a barrel if ever split !
  10. [Vendu] Jetons top hat and cane

    PM a venir !
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