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  1. Hi, I have some racks and barrels for sale. Please judge the condition by pictures (pictures are in this and the next postings!!!). 200 x Bellagio 1's - rack: 200€ 100 x Bellagio „used“ 1's plus some extra 1's for free - by rack: 150€ 100 x Stardust Poker Mansion coral 100's - inlay has been removed - rack for 160€ 100 x Stardust Poker Mansion coral 100's - condition 9-10 - by rack for - 140€ 120 x Resort World 1's - rack: 150€ + 1 barrel for 30€ each 120 x Casear 2's - rack for 250€ + 1 barrel for 50€ 200 x PNY primary 25's - rack for 250€ 59 x PNY secondary 25's - barrel for 30€ or by chip for 1,5€ The underlined positions will be sold only, if all: "Stardust's & Bellagio's“ are sold as a set/all are accounted for. PNY primary 25's are sold as a set, or if all are accounted for. Prices don't include shipping from Germany. www.DHL.de Regards, Sebastian
  2. Do you have more ESPT‘s or ESST‘s?!
  3. I‘ll keep this open until Sunday. Looks like there is not enough interest.
  4. Hi, I hope it’s okay to post it here... I am able to buy some chip racks for a Bellagio relable project (house mold). 1‘s and 5‘s are original Bellagio’s. The Caesar’s would make a great $25 Bellagio chip. All chips are casino used but will stand on edge. I could spare 100 x 1‘s (not the for sale rack in the classified section - it’s better) 40-60 x 5‘s 80-100 x 25‘s (Caesar’s 2‘s). I could murder the Caesar’s inlays and do an replacement (service fee 1$ per chip). Attached some pictures. If there is any interest please send me a message.
  5. Hi, I received these chips and would like to resell them. I've paid 200$ plus shipping & customs from USA. Offering them for 160€ 150€ or $190 $176,50 plus shipping from Germany (14€ or $16,50 including tracking and insurance*). Paypal Friends and Family, only. Regards, Sebastian *PS: I am not responsible for insurance. DHL says that packages are insured up to 500€ but I don't really know if a copy of a PayPal transaction is proof enough to get the money back. That's being said, I have never lost a package and I did a lot of international transactions.
  6. Hi, I decided to sell some more MGM Grand chips. 80 x MGM Grand Las Vegas $1 (old style with the large lion head) 20 x MGM Grand Las Vegas $3 drop chips (these are Red Rock $1 chips. I did a full inlay replacement on them. The original drop chip are impossible to find in quantity even if you would like to pay like 20-30$ per chip. Please check pictures for condition. I am collecting MGM Grand chips since years and it will be tough to find these denoms in a comparable condition and quantity. Regards, Sebastian
  7. Hi, please send me a message if you have green 25‘s or yellow 1k‘s. I’d take chips with removed or labeled inlays as well. Thank you! Sebastian
  8. What a great price. Good luck
  9. Hi, up for sale are some lot's of singles and barrels. I have some experience with international shipping and Corona shouldn't be an issue anymore (some delay). Next to that I can combine shipping if you like. Lot 1: MGM collector's chips MGM Baccarat - all 7 x $8 chips of the 1st & 2nd row: $89,99 MGM Baccarat - all 7 x $8 chips of the 1st & 2nd row: $89,99 row from left to right price per chip: in $ 9,99 / 9,99 / 7,99 / 6,99 row from left to right price per chip: in $ 19,99 / 7,99 / 7,49 / 5,99 row from left to right price per chip: in $ 7,99 / 14,99 / 19,99 For condition please check: Lot 2: Horseshoe Cleveland 25k secondary single - SOLD Lot 3: MGM Grand $5 - 79 x chips Small lion inlay version in vgc labeled to large lion head version (labels are easy to remove if needed; the original label is still under the label!!!) - 49 chips for $6,99 each Large lion head (old) version and pretty good condition & hard to come by - one chip has a yellowish label on one side - 30 chips for $7,49 each Take all 80 chips from the pictures for $560 (including one collector's chip) Left two barrels plus some from the third show the small to large labeled version. Right to barrels show the large lion head version including some others. I have a lot of gear labels to relabel at least 80 further $5 chips from small to large lion head inlay - if you are interested you can get them for less depending on your total purchases. Attached you find the summary/further explanations of the different versions: 1st row "current/actual" small lion inlay (which I relabeled to 2nd row chips and the original label is still under my custom label) - I had 3 chips to show the difference and I relabeled them to the version of row 2. 2nd row "labeled" small inlays to large inlays chips 3rd row "old" large lion inlay to show how the look like next to the labeled chip or the current standard house chip (row1). Lot 4: MGM at Foxwoods 20 x $10 chips WPT edition I am looking for: MGM FW $5 chips (lion version) in vgc $1 chips (lion version) in vgc or cash Lot 5: Aurora Star 25k chips 9 Chips SOLD prefer to trade my 19 chips for 19 x 5k chips (1:1) if I can't trade them I'll sell max. 9 for $5 each PS: I have some other sales/trade threads which include some of these chips as well. Priority goes to who's first (for singles, barrels or a set). Please check:
  10. [Vendu] PNY 1000$ (primary!)

    I thought its faster to post interest here and ask for a price. Offer accepted and paid (as you know). Glad I was able to get 10. Thanks!
  11. [Vendu] PNY 1000$ (primary!)

    Hey, I am interested in 10 chips depending on the total price shipped to germany. Please pm.
  12. Hi, Please help me to finish my tournament set. I am looking for : 20 - 40 x $500 secondary only 1 - 10 x $1k‘s primary only Shipping is to an US location (if needed?!) or directly to my home in Germany (preferred). If you are looking for a trade I have 20-40 x $100 sec. 100 x $25 prim. on my way as a trade bait. (Chips are already on my way to Germany.) Please pm if you have something for sale or trade. Thanks, Sebastian
  13. Canceled for the moment. Hi, Selling a set of (full inlay replaced) Aurora Star oversized Paulson chips (no $5‘s are included atm). The black and yellow (100‘s and 500‘s) have 50% mat and 50% glossy inlays, but I’ll throw in enough inlays to make them all glossy. All 25‘s and 1k‘s are glossy. All chips have been murdered (full inlay replacement which allows to put laminated labels onto the chip which will feel and weight as good as possible to the original chip + label). Next to that you can order more labels if requested or needed. Breakdown (320 chips): 120 x $25 green 100 x $100 black 80 x $500 yellow 20 x $1k orange (some are slightly warped). Sebastian PS: I’d happily keep some yellow or black based barrels. PPS: If you need $5‘s as well: let’s talk, but these are still live and 39mm. I might sell up to 80 x 5‘s.
  14. Thank you, I think these have a lot potential and I don’t regret using these for my semi custom tournament set. It was quite some work to murder the original labels and replace them with new.
  15. Hi, Looking for a Dunes (Paulson) and or Empress Star (primary and/or secondary) Tournament sample set or whatever you have for sale. I'd also buy a set depending on breakdown, condition and price. Please send a privat message to me. Thank you. Sebastian
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