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  1. I‘ll keep this open until Sunday. Looks like there is not enough interest.
  2. Hi, I hope it’s okay to post it here... I am able to buy some chip racks for a Bellagio relable project (house mold). 1‘s and 5‘s are original Bellagio’s. The Caesar’s would make a great $25 Bellagio chip. All chips are casino used but will stand on edge. I could spare 100 x 1‘s (not the for sale rack in the classified section - it’s better) 40-60 x 5‘s 80-100 x 25‘s (Caesar’s 2‘s). I could murder the Caesar’s inlays and do an replacement (service fee 1$ per chip). Attached some pictures. If there is any interest please send me a message.
  3. Hi, I received these chips and would like to resell them. I've paid 200$ plus shipping & customs from USA. Offering them for 160€ 150€ or $190 $176,50 plus shipping from Germany (14€ or $16,50 including tracking and insurance*). Paypal Friends and Family, only. Regards, Sebastian *PS: I am not responsible for insurance. DHL says that packages are insured up to 500€ but I don't really know if a copy of a PayPal transaction is proof enough to get the money back. That's being said, I have never lost a package and I did a lot of international transactions.
  4. Hi, please send me a message if you have green 25‘s or yellow 1k‘s. I’d take chips with removed or labeled inlays as well. Thank you! Sebastian
  5. What a great price. Good luck
  6. [Vendu] PNY 1000$ (primary!)

    I thought its faster to post interest here and ask for a price. Offer accepted and paid (as you know). Glad I was able to get 10. Thanks!
  7. [Vendu] PNY 1000$ (primary!)

    Hey, I am interested in 10 chips depending on the total price shipped to germany. Please pm.
  8. Hi, Please help me to finish my tournament set. I am looking for : 20 - 40 x $500 secondary only 1 - 10 x $1k‘s primary only Shipping is to an US location (if needed?!) or directly to my home in Germany (preferred). If you are looking for a trade I have 20-40 x $100 sec. 100 x $25 prim. on my way as a trade bait. (Chips are already on my way to Germany.) Please pm if you have something for sale or trade. Thanks, Sebastian
  9. Thank you, I think these have a lot potential and I don’t regret using these for my semi custom tournament set. It was quite some work to murder the original labels and replace them with new.
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