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  1. [WTB] MGM LV $10

    I believe a french guy bought and maybe sold a single chip maybe 1 year ago. Not sure about his name. You may search the classified section. GL
  2. [WTS] Set Throne CPC/MSK

    Always liked this set. GLWS!
  3. St Jo‘s sold pending payment.
  4. [WTS] PNY $500 chips - free shipping

    If you take at least 40 chips I can do 12€ per chip instead of 13€!
  5. Oh, looks like I forgot about this deal. Updated and up!
  6. [Trouvé] plaques PNY 5k

    Looking for some 1k Matsui plaques- please pm if you have some for sale.
  7. [WTS] Set cash game bellagio

    Really nice!
  8. [WTS] Las Vegas single chips + CPC

    2 x CPC scrown and Rounders sold.
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