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  1. Hi, Looking for a mint rack of MGM Detroit $1 chips for another project. Please pm with offers. thanks! Sebastian
  2. 1 rack Bellagio’s (very good condition) and 1 rack of milled Stardust’s left.
  3. Offer expired. 100 Stardust‘s sold.
  4. [Sold] ESST Full sample set

    Possible trade bait if you have T25‘s.
  5. Selling a full sample set of the ESST‘s. Price is 120€ 100€ including shipping obo. If you are looking for a trade: I need 20-40 ESST T25‘s. Please pm with offers. Thanks! Sebastian
  6. Sold recently on PCF (US forum). 1 rack for 200$ plus shipping. These were not mine, but I think mine are in better shape.
  7. Hi, I had about 1000 HS chips. These are the very last, cherry picked ones. I think the pictures don’t do them justice. They might need some oil. The 1‘s shuffle like butter. I love the white chip with the black inlay. Breakdown is: 120 x $1 = 120$ 200 x $5 = 1.000$ 30 x 25$ = 750$ Total bank = 1.870$ Sebastian Was 499€ - Now for 399€ plus shipping. PS: Some 5‘s are limited edition‘s. They were in better shape, why I kept them. I didn’t count how many, but I’d guess 30-50 of them?!
  8. Hi, up for sale are my last PNY's. I have one rack left. Asking 249€ plus shipping from Germany. Sebastian
  9. IF YOU BUY ALL CHIPS (100 Bellagio’s and 200 Stardust’s) I’ll ship for free.
  10. 20 chips in excellent condition. 35€ shipped.
  11. Up for sale is my last lot of collector‘s chips. Chips are in excellent condition. I paid $25 plus shipping to get a single $3 drop chip. I bought three, sold one, one keeper and this is my last. Take the lot for 45€ shipped.
  12. Pictures from today with daylight:
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