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  1. Hi, If you are looking for a sample set here is your chance for $24 shipped. Price reflects what I have paid from the source (without customs but 16$ shipping from US - wtf...). Condition is: new Please pm. Thanks! Sebastian
  2. Update: All Foxwood 1's and 2,5's are sold.
  3. Rack of 1's for 160$ shipped. Please pm if interested. Thanks.
  4. Hi Oggy, Your 500‘s don’t sell for 10€ per chip here, but mine are different and I’d try to sell them within this set with (to me) a perfect breakdown. To be honest I paid 15$ per chip and to me they are worth it. Next to that I don’t think you rated the 5‘s properly. I don’t think there are many sets like this in the EU available. If there is an interest for this set I am open to offers. If the Corona crises effects the market negatively I am happy to keep them. Sebastian
  5. Hi, I never thought that this day will ever come, but I'd like to sell these if there is a potential buyer for this set. The breakdown should be proper for most tournament 1 table games with up to 10 players. Starting stacks: T2000 10/14/6/2 (10 full starting stacks possible). Next to that 40 x 100's for color up all 5's and 25's are included plus 40 x 500's for 10 rebuys! Total breakdown: 100 x $5, 140 x $25, 100 x $100 and 60 x $500 Please pm when interested and shoot me an offer. Regards, Sebastian
  6. A rack of 1‘s (and maybe a rack of 25‘s pending payment) are still for sale. The rest is gone. Please pm when interested. Thanks
  8. New breakdown. Set 4: 620 chips 200 x 1 300 x 5 100 x 25 20 x 100
  9. Hi,I'd like to sell (or trade) some MGM chips: 40 x $1 MGM FW "MGM lion edition" 120 x $2 MGM FW "WPT edition" 20 x $2,5's "MGM lion edition" full sample set of 7 x $8 MGM Grand baccarat chips (oversized) - 89,99 $5 single chip collection (and 1 x $3 drop chip) row from left to right price per chip: 9,99 / 9,99 / 7,99 / 6,99 row from left to right price per chip: 19,99 / 7,99 / 6,49 / 5,99 row from left to right price per chip: 7,99 / 14,99 / 19,99 If you are interested in a trade I am looking for: $5 MGM Foxwoods (prefer the lion version if possible; trade or cash!!) $5 MGM Grand chip (with the large lion head, only; trade or cash!!) All 2'5's and 1's are sold!!!
  10. [WTS] Las Vegas Casino singles

    Picture updated,
  11. Pm sent. Hope we can handle sth out. Would keep the remaining chips if there is no interest for the other chips.
  12. [WTS] Las Vegas Casino singles

    All MGM's, despite one $3 drop chip, and the Caesar $1 chip are sold.
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